3D maps for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving and many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems heavily depend on precise and detailed map data.

we create HAD maps as a service

we record the data

we annotate the data

we deliver the map


the road network

We discuss the road network for which a map is needed. We talk about all objects that need to be surveyed such as lane markings, road edges, signage, guard rails, vertical pole, guide posts or anything else that matters to your project.


the dataset

We handle the data acquisition with the atlatec sensorbox. The atlabox contains cameras and a differential global navigation satellite system. We can record data in Europe, USA, Japan and South Korea.


the final 3D map

The 3d map is centimeter accurate and we deliver it in your desired map format such as OpenStreetMap, OpenDRIVE, shape files and many more. We provide a powerful map access API which you can use in your autonomous vehicle.

Some example maps

About atlatec

atlatec is a research-oriented company based in Karlsruhe...


You can use google-maps like browsing to view a sample orthophoto.


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