Bring the real world into your simulation

Stop running your ADAS simulations in synthetic scenarios: Use real world geometries instead.

In the surveyed scene all desired simulation features like lanes, road signs and more can be labeled with atlasim tools. The level of detail is your choice – and easily beyond that of available map data (OpenStreet-Map, ADAS RP). atlasim integrates with all common ADAS simulation packages e.g. IPG CarMaker, VIRES VTD, Tass PreScan, Mechanical Simulation CarSim and more.

tailored for ADAS

realistic scenarios

broad compatibility

Ready for Autonomous Driving

Sensor Data Fusion

Using centimeter accurate road models of your test route allows a very realistic simulation of ADAS functions. You can simulate your sensor data fusion in the virtual environment. The provided models have a rich representation with all objects relevant to autonomous driving.

Real world geometries

Service options

carefree package

We survey your road networks as a service using our atlamap technology. We create the ready-to-use simulation model for you. No work required on your side.

The following formats are supported: IPG Carmaker (Road 5.x), VIRES VTD (OpenDRIVE), Mechanical Simulation (CarSim), Tass PreScan (PEX), dSPACE ASM (OpenDRIVE), Oktal SCANeR (OpenDRIVE), Tesis DYNA4 (OpenDRIVE)



Visit our OpenDRIVE website for more information and sample data.

IPG CarMaker

IPG specific information can be found on our IPG site.

MSC CarSim

We support CarSim of Mechanical Simulation Corporation