High Definition Maps for
Autonomy and Simulation

High Precision

Our maps stand out by high global accuracy and high local consistency. We achieve this by a powerful combination of high-precision GNSS, AI and sophisticated image processing.

High Fidelity

We can provide a vast range of map features from lane geometry, traffic signs and traffic rules up to customer specific lists of objects.

High Availability

Map data in automotive hotspots around the globe is available on demand. Our lean and scalable technology stack allows us to produce maps quickly and update them frequently.

Maps for Autonomy

Autonomous vehicles greatly benefit from accurate high definition maps. At atlatec, we are specialized in building maps which bring your vehicles to the next level. We provide mapping as a service, giving you full control over the map features and formats.

Maps for Localization

A map is most useful if you can determine where in the map you are. We provide maps to give you an accurate position of the vehicle in real time. Leveraging the power of the map, this localization system even works in GPS-denied environments.

Maps for Simulation

Simulation is key to developing autonomous systems. Additionally, using real-world data for large scale virtual validation is becoming more relevant. Our data is compatible and tested with all major platforms, e.g. CarMaker, VIRES VTD, PreScan, SCANeR and CarSim.

Trusted by World-Leading Brands

We are mapping for many of the world’s leading companies. Join this circle to understand why!

Scenario Database for Simulation

We are building a large scale scenario database. Use your existing ADAS simulator and replay high-fidelity scenarios captured in the real world.